"I am a former dancer with years of ballet training and also multiple surgeries and injuries in the past few years have kept me away from most of these activities. I was introduced to GYROTONIC® and though it has been designed for everyone, I feel that I have gone “back to class." I continue to gain strength, flexibility, balance and definitely a renewed energy. These past 2 years working with the most qualified instructors at The Seed Center has truly been a positive experience." Suzanne Thorton, former dancer and director of SNP Productions

"I am delighted with the GYROTONIC® program at the Seed Center. After years of exercise (some have said over exercise), sports injuries, being hit by a car while jogging and a race car crash, my body was showing sighs of aging, misalignment and deteriorating balance. I now work with Charley twice a week when not traveling. She is extremely attentive and focused on each movement and clearly communicates the needed corrections, always with a smile and sparkling eyes. Charley's positive energy is contagious and when I walk out of the studio my body moves like it did years ago. Over time the changes we work on have become lasting for me." Norman Stone

"I've been fortunate to train with Charley Cohen in the GYROTONIC® method for the past 3 years. I find it amazing how much effort Charley devotes to her clients. She has a deep knowledge of GYROTONIC® and wealth of body movement experience which allows her to tailor every session to a clients needs. Charley is very intuitive and knows just how to vary each session to keep a client motivated. Her enthusiasm and positive energy are infectious. I am more flexible, have better posture and improved spinal alignment as a result." Gloria Lee, Sales Account Executive