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GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Course

This course may be taken by students for the following purposes:

  • First time student who has completed Pre-Training and would like to become instructor
  • Repeat course for a GYROTONIC® Update and Review
  • Repeat Course instead of a Supervised Apprentice Review

Register online and pay $300 studio fee to reserve your place. Tuition is due the first day of the course payable by cash or check.

  • Prerequisite: GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training
  • Instructor: Kathy Van Patten
  • Course Dates: May 16- May 28 (day off May 22)
  • Course Duration: 12 days
  • Course Hours: 12-6:30 pm everyday
  • Course Fee: $1500 + $300 Non-refundable Deposit/Studio Fee